Tungkillo GSR Results

    Transponder Issues
    David Cullen – no transponder on bicycle.
    Matt Hawthorne & Craig Beddome – transponders not picked up but were OK in a previous race – if your bike did not have a transponder would appreciate the feedback – Thanks


Priority Message from David Degenhardt

Show Dave you appreciate his work in setting up the course for EVERY race and doing the marshal roster. Please respond to this post.   Sarah Rawlinson


SAPOL will be conducting a marshal training session for our club on the 7th Aug at Flaxley immediately following the Paris Creek race. The class typically runs for 30/40 minutes.

Getting SAPOL to provide an officer on a Flaxley race day is not easy. The committee therefore expects support from all members who do not hold accreditation.

The demands from our peak body and insurer are ever increasing. In addition to marshals we now have to provide first aid coverage for every event. Anyone who volunteers for first aid is relieved of marshal duty so our pool of marshals is diminishing.

As SAPOL wants some idea of numbers please confirm via email daviddeg@iinet.net.au or text David Degenhardt on 0413 798571

Please make this a priority. With a healthy  pool of volunteers you can expect to marshal every 9/10 months.



More Laps for the Faster Riders?

The club is considering increasing the number of laps in some courses to provide a longer race for our faster riders (higher grades), with the proviso that the estimated race time would not exceed two hours.
Any comments to the president or the timekeeper please.

Risky Warmups!!

I received an email from a member of the public after last Sunday’s race at Woodchester.

They had noticed riders not taking adequate care as they turned around on the Woodchester/ Callington Road during their warm up prior to the race. This is a 100km/hr speed zone and as the race was not conducted on that road there were no warming signs or speed restrictions.

This is not only a “bad look” for racing cyclists but more importantly is dangerous for riders and motorists alike.

In future it may be safer to warm up on the signed race course.

Riders must  ALWAYS  obey the road rules. Before, during and after the races.

Safety is paramount!!

PLEASE be more careful in the future at all races.

Sarah Rawlinson