2017 Tour Of Goolwa Start Times

Bicycle Fix Stage 1 Time Trial

Teams away from 9:30 AM

Stage 1 Start List


Eades Transport Stage 2 Finniss Road Race

1:15 PM – C Grade
1:20 PM – Div 1 Teams
1:25 PM – Div 2 Teams
1:30 PM – A Grade
1:40 PM – Div 3 Teams
1:45 PM – Div 4 Teams
1:50 PM – D Grade
1:55 PM – E Grade
2:00 PM­ – F Grade

Stage 2 Start List


Goolwa Caravan and Camping Stage 3 Flagstaff Hill Road Race

9:30 AM – F Grade
(Flagstaff Hill start)
9:30 AM – Div 1 Teams
9:32 AM – A Grade
9:34 AM – Div 2 Teams
9:38 AM – Div 3 Teams
9:40 AM – C Grade
9:42 AM – Div 4 Teams
9:44 AM – D Grade
9:46 AM – E Grade

Stage 3 Start List


Catcorp Stage 4 Crows Nest Hill Climb

Teams away from 2:00 PM

Stage 4 Start List


The Tour Of Goolwa uses the Orion transponders for timing which are the ones used by both the AHMCC and SDVLCC (usually yellow, sometimes the newer blue ones, but never red). MYLAPS TRANSPONDERS CANNOT BE USED. If any riders don’t have this type of transponder they will need to hire one for the weekend.

The charge for hiring an Orion (blue) transponder will be $20 which equates to $5 a race. This follows the standard used for CAMS transponder hiring this year. Riders will need to bring that money with them when they sign-on.

Also there may be some riders that may wish to purchase a transponder instead of hiring one and the cost of this is now $100. However as we are waiting for new stocks to arrive for Belgium (expected in early March) those riders who pay for a new transponder now will be loaned a transponder (free of charge) for any of our events until that new transponder is delivered to them.

Note that transponder costs seem to be continually rising. Our original yellow ones cost $20, the existing batch of blue ones cost $80 and the order we have just placed will cost us $100 each.

This year there will be a pre-race check of all transponders before sign-on.
Last year there were lots of dead, missing and reset transponders which caused no end of headaches for the timing crew. Therefore on Saturday morning before you sign-on you will need to take your bike to one of the timing crew who will then check your transponder is working. They will then give you a chit so that the sign-on desk know your transponder has been checked. If you don’t present the chit, you can’t sign on.

Finally if you are swapping bikes between stages, remember to move your transponder across.

Consistency Award

The AHMCC Consistency Award has been presented for a number of years.  However, riders have not known throughout the racing season how they were faring.  So our intention is to publish progress scores on our website after each race.

Riding club members will be awarded 5 points for starting in a race or for performing another essential role (e.g. marshalling or first-aid etc.).  Additional points are allocated depending on performance.  Details of how these points are scored is available on the website at INFO > DOCUMENTS > Consistency Award.  A riders best 9 scores will be counted.

For ease of presenting the awards at our Christmas get together, the previous year’s Christmas Handicap race will be counted toward the current year.  The exception to this is 2017 as the Christmas Hcp 2016 was included in last year’s awards, so 2017 points will not include a Christmas Hcp.  The award is based on club events;  Opens and Championship races are not included.

Progress scores after two races can be seen at consistency2

Closing Times for Race Entries

Championship Events     9PM Wednesday

 Open Events                    9PM Wednesday (Late 7PM Thursday)

Club                                    9PM Wednesday (Late 9PM Friday +$5 and Race Day +$10)